Our Story

Our Story

Imagine that special moment just before you yield to the pleasure of chocolate. That one fleeting moment when everyday worries, noises, stresses, workloads, delays and disappointments are momentarily forgotten in anticipation of the bite that is yet to come. A bite that engulfs you in sweet indulgence and numbs your mind to the point that you cannot truly remember what was Before Chocolate.

About Us

It all started in 2013 when Mirus Catering Company decided to promote the simple yet innovative concept of handcrafted luxurious chocolate to be served and sold at exclusive boutique cafés. Chocolate that would not only taste exquisite but look deliciously tempting. Chocolate that is both unique and presentable; A connoisseur's delight.

Before Chocolate came about to translate that vision into reality. A boutique café with an exceptional chocolate selection and a superb gourmet menu to complement. A warm cozy haven that will invoke such emotions that you will want to return over and over again. The perfect combination of food, beverage, and ambiance to feed your soul.

Our chocolate is Swiss crafted using only the freshest ingredients from all over the world. We are masters at combining texture, aroma and flavor in all our creations; constantly striving to find unique blends That are worthy of our brand. Our selective combinations will make you forget yourself from the first bite.

Before Chocolate is a concept developed 100% in Kuwait. Our menu of Swiss chocolate, gourmet food and beverages has been thoroughly researched and carefully selected to offer you an experience without compare.

We invite you to step into Before Chocolate to savor our delicacies and escape your day. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your experience as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

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